Philharmonie de Paris

Pierre Boulez


17 March - 28 June 2015



Pierre Boulez Exhibition | Guided tour for individuals

Saturdays and Sundays and every day during French school holidays (zone C) – 2:30 pm to 4 pm

Learn about one of the greatest twentieth-century composers, explore his principles of music composition and discover the artists that make up his creative universe.
Teens and adults
This tour is also available for adult and student groups, and school groups from 5e class upwards [from Year 8 (UK) / 7th Grade (US) upwards].


Studio Boulez – Workshop-tour for school groups

Participants will enjoy both a tour of the exhibition and a workshop in the sound studio to discover Pierre Boulez’s artistic universe.
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
From 3e to Terminale classes [from Year 10 (UK) / 9th Grade (US) to Year 13 (UK) / 12th Grade (US)]
Price: €160
This tour can be complemented by a tour of the Ircam.


Activity inclusive of a tour

Pierre Boulez – Musical culture cycle


Thursdays, from March 12 to April 16 2015 – 11 am

Pierre Boulez’s artistic career is unparalleled: since 1945, he has taken on a myriad of roles as composer, chief conductor, founder of music institutions, teacher, and author of seminal texts… In 2015, the Philharmonie will be devoting an exhibition to Pierre Boulez to celebrate his ninetieth birthday (running from March 17 to June 28) as well as a series of concerts and this exceptional cycle delivered by major specialists of his oeuvre.
Cycle of 6 sessions
Cité de la musique (Philharmonie 2)
Price: €35 (inclusive of a tour of the Pierre Boulez exhibition)



Tout sur Boulez (Everything About Boulez) | Classic lab

Saturday March 21 – 11 am

A participatory, playful workshop that makes musical culture accessible to all. The workshop is composed of several educational sequences involving games, listening commentary, discussion and musical practice. Learn everything through expression!
Philharmonie 1
Price: €5



Pierre Boulez, The emergence of a leading musical figure | Lecture and Round Table Discussion

Saturday March 21 – 3 pm

What were the historical circumstances, the socio-political conditions the aesthetic debates and the state of music in France that fostered the emergence of such a prolific musical figure as Pierre Boulez? Deplored by some and adored by others, this protagonist of the music revival in the twentieth century leaves no-one indifferent…
Cité de la musique (Philharmonie 2)
Free admission with a reservation


A work per week devoted to Répons by Pierre Boulez | Musical culture cycle

Wednesday June 10 – 3 pm

In order to listen to Pierre Boulez’s music with a fresh ear, this cycle, facilitated by musicologists, art historians and philosophers, is an invitation to discover in depth each week a work featured in the season’s programme.
You are free to tailor the invitation to your interests, and attend just one or several of the sessions.
Cité de la musique (Philharmonie 2)
Price for one session: €7


Not to be missed

Passage | Installation


From March 17 to 27 – 12 am to 6 pm

This is a sound installation composed of a sound and light “tunnel” grounded in the concept of memory. Each journey through the installation is unique, a singular experience going to the heart of collective experience. In this new version, Pierre Jodlowski has used a selection of statements about Pierre Boulez to create a music piece that is incorporated into the installation.
Rue musicale – Cité de la musique (Philharmonie 2)


Permanent collection

The Museum of Music’s permanent collection houses nearly 1000 works (including instruments, paintings, sculpture and furniture). Five sections have been set out to illustrate the key stages of our musical history. Complete your tour of the exhibition with the section devoted to twentieth-century music: the emergence of electricity, the invention of new instruments and technological breakthroughs.
Cité de la musique (Philharmonie 2) – Museum of music