Philharmonie de Paris

Pierre Boulez


17 March - 28 June 2015

Pierre Boulez, 1957
© Photo Susanne Schapowalow / Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt

The Museum of music celebrates the accomplished composer and conductor Pierre Boulez’s 90th year with an exhibition-event marking the importance of his work and his deep ties to the arts.


Pierre Boulez on Philharmonie de Paris Live


In connection with the Pierre Boulez exhibition, dive into the Philharmonie de Paris's special video archives.

In an extensive interview, the composer and conductor discusses all the aspects of his work and career, from his years as a student to the creation of the Ircam and the Ensemble intercontemporain.

Also get to know Pierre Boulez, the teacher, with his master classes on conducting works by Stravinski (The Song of the Nightingale), Messiaen (Poème pour mi), Varèse, Murail, etc.

Listen to the composer's own works as well: Pli selon Pli (at one of the first concerts given by the Ensemble intercontemporain in the Symphonic Hall at the Philharmonie de Paris), Book for Strings, and Dérives 1 and 2.

Finally, watch the world-famous conductor directing works by Debussy, Ravel, Cage, Schönberg and more.

Click here to see the entire selection of Pierre Boulez videos.

The multimedia Pierre Boulez exhibition


The Pierre Boulez exhibition is also available in multimedia format, which will travel to cities across France and abroad, appearing at structures ranging from cultural centres and concert halls to contemporary music festivals, media libraries and more.

The travelling multimedia exhibition is based on the real-life Pierre Boulez exhibition being presented at the Philharmonie de Paris. It is made up of ten wall panels (texts, photographs, reproduction of artworks, etc.) and multimedia components (documentary video archives, excerpts of concerts and interviews, etc.) that offer the same integrity and quality as the original exhibition in terms of artistic and educational content.

The multimedia Pierre Boulez exhibition will be available as from May 2015 at a rate of €1700, in French or English (other languages possible for an additional fee).

Photo: © Philharmonie de Paris

Nicolas de Staël Étude d’orchestre
Nicolas de Staël Étude d’orchestre,
1955 Huile sur papier Collection particulière
© ADAGP, Paris 2015

A short presentation of the exhibition

  • Composer, chief conductor, theorist, teacher and founder of institutions: the exhibition will present the myriad facets of Pierre Boulez’s career.
  • The exhibition spans 60 years of musical, artistic, political and intellectual history.
  • The exhibition brings together masterpieces of major twentieth-century artists: Paul Cézanne, Paul Klee, Nicolas de Staël, Alberto Giacometti, Francis Bacon, Piet Mondrian, André Masson… chosen for the special interest Pierre Boulez had for their work. Some of these works belong to private collections and have rarely been shown to the public.
  • Visitors will have the opportunity to listen to a selection of musical works in specially selected spaces: the Second Sonata, Le Marteau sans maître, Pli selon pli, Rituel, sur Incises.
  • Visitors will be able to enjoy a spatialised diffusion of Répons, created in collaboration with the Ircam.
  • Throughout their tour visitors can use the audio guide to enjoy a host of sound and video testimonies as well as commentary by Pierre Boulez.